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Gaming Platform Advantages:

- Industrial-grade motherboard
- Long product life span / MTBF
- Touch screen interface for ease of play
- 5.1 channel audio quality digital sound
- Customized OEM/ODM services
- High-performance security
- Robust under adverse conditions
- Buillt-in high-power amplifier
- Customized firmware and BIOS
- Supports complete gaming features



  1. Exciting 3-D graphics solution
  2. Extended graphic memory allows stunning visual effects
  3. Quality digital sounds for increased player entertainment
  4. High powered amplifier, with excellent sound and music package
  5. Touch screen interface for ease of play
  6. Enhanced player interaction
  7. Supports exciting game features
  8. Onscreen pay table for ease of use and understanding
  9. Combined touch and button operation for game speed
  10. Customized gaming board with upgrades for future use
  11. USB interface available for all devices including note reader, coin acceptor & hopper and others
  12. Specially designed system solution with excellent air flow
Main boards for gaming platforms Main boards for gaming platforms Customs made chassis Customs made chassis